Williams Ceramic Coat Paint Protection 911

The following provides a rough scheduled plan of some recent work carried out on a Porsche 911 at our Detailing Workshop based at Brighton City Airport.


Click to enlarge “THE PLAN”

When this Porsche 911 came in we checked the vehicle over for blemishes that we would encounter and noticed that the customer had chosen to wrap the headlights going for the 911 Sport Classic look, with some personal subtle adjustments. Unfortunately, the headlight wrap has not stood the test of time and now looks unsightly.

It’s pretty much impossible to protect the wrap and polish right up to vinyl without compromising either the finish of the existing wrap or the quality of the machine polishing.

The customer took our advice and chose to have the wrap work removed and re-fitted.

The existing stripes were fitted some time ago and had probably experienced some stretching however they were not fitted how we would like so they were measured up to prepare for a new set to be fitted. You can see how out they were in this image we sent off to our friends at  http://www.itsawrapuk.com


Measuring up the old stripes to get the new ones as close as possible, but obviously not wonky this time.


So glad we made the suggestion to replace these stripes as the overall finish would have been compromised with the finish we had in mind.


In preparation to clean and machine polish the number plates are removed. Why can’t people do things neatly, did they really need that much tape to hold this plate on?


Once the bodywork has been prepared (Wash/Tar and Glue removal/ Clay) it’s onto the real work and the main reason this customer has come to us, to remove the swirl marks or “spider-webbing” effect in the paint.


This is a very common problem which is exaggerated in darker paint due to increased reflection. These tiny scratches are created by any form of touching of the vehicle and build up over time. This will undoubtedly have been created through poor washing, drying, polishing, waxing, wiping etc.


Even as I write this blog I can show you an example on my desk see below our MAX WAX graphic in standard office light.


When I lift the torch up it exposes the swirl marks or “spider-web” effect as the light reflects off the scratches on the darker surface. There are scratches on the lighter grey surface but they are not so visible.  This is probably why a good 70% of the machine polishing we carry out in the workshop is to darker vehicles.


Some of the deeper scratches on the bonnet we believe were created when the stripes were originally fitted as they ran consistent with the length of the stripe.  It looks like when they were preparing the surface to receive the strip with an alcohol wipe they just rubbed whatever road dirt that was present back and forth. These deeper scratches have now been removed with some wet sanding/rotary machine polishing.


The paint went through a three-stage machine polishing process, using various compounds, graded polishing pads and both the rotary/dual action polishing machines. Naturally to do this work correctly this is not something that should ever be rushed and you are looking at 16-18 hours to get the paint to MAX WAX standard.


Stripping the interior to make its cleaning as effective and simple as possible, basically if it can be removed we will remove it. The interior is a dark and cramped place to work so we can do a better job cleaning the removed items with some light shed upon them.


All leather is cleaned and protected with Williams leather protection and all fabrics are fully shampooed and protected. Any removed interior components are put to one side in a clean environment ready for fitting once the car is nearing completion.


Following the deep interior cleanse, we are now at the point where we have performed the following broad tasks:

Interior Vacuum / Initial Wash / Decontamination of Paint / 3 Stage Machine Polishing.

We are now ready to get her wet again this is a necessity as unfortunately two days of machine polishing is messy and created dust, some of which will have been wet compound flick (we try to keep this to a minimum) and residue that gets everywhere.

We must be very careful washing as the paint is now how we want it (as near to perfect as possible) really, we want to protect her now! We are torn between protecting at this stage and washing which could ruin our work. It’s a painful, delicate wash to avoid any damage to the paint.

During the pressure washing you can see that the paint is so perfectly smooth and highly polished the water runs off almost immediately. This is obviously completely bare paint no wax or polish is present as we have spirit wiped following the final dual action buffing stage.


The arches go through a thorough clean on the initial wash, but it’s nice to gain proper access and get stuck in. We sit on the floor, in the wheel arch with all the correct decontamination products, the hard work is well worth it.

Once this area is properly cleaned we protect everything with the Williams Ceramic Coat (up inside the wheel arch) so that future cleaning of this area is made easier.


With the wheels off we can ensure they are cleaned correctly throughout and carry out tar and glue removal to the dish of the alloy along with clay to remove any embedded contamination. Naturally while they are off we are also able to alcohol wipe and protect the wheels with the Williams Ceramic Coat easily.


It’s so rewarding to put these spotless wheels back into a spotless wheel arch that is going to sit on our spotless workshop floor.

12 UP

Following the careful safe wash and drying the 911 is now ready to be alcohol cleansed (the final preparation stage) for application of Williams Ceramic Coating.

The Williams Ceramic Coating is now applied to all exterior surfaces and the results are stunning.


The results of our work can be seen below.

The Williams Paint Glass and Fabric Protection has been applied and the car looks stunning. Outside in the sunlight the direct reflection of the sun being crystal clear, this is how paintwork should look.


Paul checking his hair in the reflection.


Perfectly polished and protected paintwork with no spider-web effects or “swirl marks”.  The freshly fitted stripes and headlight vinyl look spot on too and all together this Porsche 911 is now looking how it should (beautiful)


The shots below are taken after the satin sheet was removed to present the final work to our customer. He sent these shots into us, as you can see he likes his photography and takes a nice photograph.


The light reflects so nicely around our workshop it shows the 911 curves off perfectly.


No further words required…




The end

Thanks for reading.

The MAX WAX Team







Black Audi S3 Full Detail with Williams Ceramic Paint, Glass and Fabric Protection.











New 67 Plate car, Paint, Glass and Fabric Protection with Autoglym Lifeshine.


Anyone lucky enough to be collecting a 67 Plate at the end of the month?

If you are thinking about protecting the Paint Glass and Fabric this is something we are very experienced in and happy to answer any questions you might have.

Perhaps give us a call before you make a commitment to the dealerships offering. 


Life on the road can be tough, LifeShine is tougher. Road salt, traffic film, strong detergents, the weather – just some of the hazards that can diminish your car’s beautiful finish. And that’s just on the outside. Things can get just as messy on the inside – especially with young children.

Carbon Shield Technology™ fuses liquid carbon to vehicle paintwork to create a robust barrier against harsh contaminants and the elements.

All exterior paintwork is treated with a unique protective coating. This protective coating will enhance the paintwork’s shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even in the most severe weather conditions. The glossy water-repellent coating is easier to keep clean and maintains a superb deep glossy shine.

Upholstery is protected from marks and stains.

Protecting your car isn’t just about maintaining a beautiful exterior. LifeShine’s interior treatment coats each and every strand of your car’s upholstery multiple times to create a shell barrier around fabric and leather. Spills and moisture are kept locked out of your car’s seating, and are easily wiped away if any accidents do occur

Glass is coated to ensure safe visibility.

All external side and rear windows are treated with a highly durable, optically clear, non-stick, easy to clean coating. As you drive, the raindrops roll off to give greatly improved wet weather visibility and safety.

Autoglym Lifeshine system comes with a Lifetime warranty.

With the LifeShine system you will receive a lifetime warranty. Subject to reasonable on-going care your vehicle will remain in top condition but the comprehensive warranty provides complete peace of mind for the entire duration of ownership.

Complimentary Autoglym Aftercare kit is also provided.

MAX WAX need to prepare your car before we can apply the Autoglym Lifeshine treatments, please give us a call to find out what preparation is required. It’s the complete solution that protects your car for the lifetime of the vehicle, guaranteed.


contact us now 01903 233449

Autoglym Lifeshine Feedback 2012


I was sceptical about MAX WAX’s Autoglym LifeShine system.  I had seen photos of how good the cars looked after it was completed and read the testimonials, but I wasn’t sure about the long term benefits.  However, after discussing with the team at MAX WAX, I was assured I wouldn’t be disappointed and so I went ahead.

I’ve waited over a year to write this recommendation, as I wanted to be sure the system lasted and I’ve been seriously impressed.  To start with, the car look stunning the day the LifeShine was done.  I couldn’t believe the work that MAX WAX put in, just to prepare the car for the system, let alone actually applying all of the treatments themselves.

Since then, my car has stayed looking great for longer between valets and cleaning the car is far quicker, easier and the results of a simple maintenance valet are the same as when I used to spend hours on the car.

The interior still looks great and having a toddler, the upholstery/carpet protection has saved me an expensive bill on a couple of occasions!

I know that when I do come to sell the car, its appearance will help me sell it quickly, get top money for it and easily make back more than the cost of MAX WAX’s Autoglym LifeShine.

Michael Dines

Car Valeting for all Seasons

Winter is the time that most damage and corrosion happens to your car. A full valet on your vehicle before winter sets in can protect it from the worst of the damage. Our pressure washing equipment blasts away dirt and grime from all those little nooks and crannies. This dirt harbors all the nasty stuff which causes corrosion and rust and it is essential that it be removed. Read more

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