Autoglym are popping down to the south coast next Monday to demonstrate and re-educate our 9-strong team about the art of machine polishing a car to perfection. Autoglym’s (NEW) Paint Pro is an innovative two-stage paint rectification system which effectively restores the appearance of paintwork.

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MAX WAX Teams up with Automotive Events & Subaru USA

On Friday 14th September 2012 at a secret location in Brighton MAX WAX teamed up with Automotive Events Europe and Subaru USA.

Subaru USA directors and journalists from the United Kingdom teamed up to test drive and demonstrate the all new impressive Subaru BRZ Sportscar.

MAX WAX were very honored and grateful to be approached to valet the cars after they had been put through their paces across the British countryside.

The cars received a full valet late into the night on Friday preparing them ready for a photo shoot and to be paraded around Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester the following morning.

MAX WAX thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would like to thank Automotive Events Europe and Subaru USA for letting us work on such beautiful cars.

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Autoglym Lifeshine Feedback 2012


I was sceptical about MAX WAX’s Autoglym LifeShine system.  I had seen photos of how good the cars looked after it was completed and read the testimonials, but I wasn’t sure about the long term benefits.  However, after discussing with the team at MAX WAX, I was assured I wouldn’t be disappointed and so I went ahead.

I’ve waited over a year to write this recommendation, as I wanted to be sure the system lasted and I’ve been seriously impressed.  To start with, the car look stunning the day the LifeShine was done.  I couldn’t believe the work that MAX WAX put in, just to prepare the car for the system, let alone actually applying all of the treatments themselves.

Since then, my car has stayed looking great for longer between valets and cleaning the car is far quicker, easier and the results of a simple maintenance valet are the same as when I used to spend hours on the car.

The interior still looks great and having a toddler, the upholstery/carpet protection has saved me an expensive bill on a couple of occasions!

I know that when I do come to sell the car, its appearance will help me sell it quickly, get top money for it and easily make back more than the cost of MAX WAX’s Autoglym LifeShine.

Michael Dines

Autoglym Lifeshine.

Autoglym Lifeshine is an amazing product when applied correctly!

Obviously the valet a car receives prior to Autoglym Lifeshine is key.  It’s also not a cheap day out so it’s well worth doing a little bit of research into how the product is applied and what valet is included to get your vehicle up to an appropriate standard prior to application.

For example:

I know it takes MAX WAX a good eight hours to complete the valet and application to a good standard.  So why are so many new valeters to MAX WAX amazed at this!?

New valeters to MAX WAX are always amazed at the time allowed to complete a Lifeshine properly as they have usually come to us with basic valeting experience from various car dealerships where the attention to detail and care in application is hindered by time and money.

Quite often kits are literally just thrown onto badly prepared (valeted) paint and glass with products being slapped on in a rush.  This is usually the case as the valeting staff are basically rushed to perform tasks at speed while the unaware owner is signing his/her life away in the sales office.

If you do care about protecting your new or nearly new vehicle and you are considering parting with £300-£600 at a dealership stop and ask yourself  what are you achieving?  Yes you will get the warrantee from Autoglym but will you get your new pride and joy protected properly?

At MAX WAX it takes us an entire day to complete the important task of washing valeting and protecting your vehicle, you know this as we come to you and work on your driveway.  You can ask us questions while we work and you can watch the protection going on to perfectly prepared glass paint and fabric, I think that’s called peace of mind.

Tristan Green

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